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Johnson County DUI Breath Test Defense Lawyer

Shawnee DUI and DWI Defense Attorneys

When a driver has been stopped under the suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, the officer may have the driver perform a Breathalyzer test to assess his or her blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Breath testing is used to determine the percentage or ratio of alcohol in a person's blood stream. In Kansas, anything above .08 percent is considered over the limit, and a driver with .08 may be arrested and charged with a DUI.

At the law firm of Jeremiah L. Johnson, LLC, our Kansas DUI lawyers provide representation for drivers who are faced with potential jail time, fines and license suspension due to an arrest for DUI/DWI. It is important that you speak with a lawyer regarding your rights and how our firm may help defend you in Johnson County, Kansas City and throughout the state.

Johnson County DUI Breath Test Defense Attorneys

Breath tests are commonly used, both at the scene and at the station, to determine a driver's BAC. Unfortunately, breath tests are not always accurate, and errors may be caused by factors that include surrounding temperature, improper breathing, legal medicinal substances and improper calibration of a Breathalyzer machine.

Our firm will analyze the circumstances of your arrest, including breath test results, to determine if errors were made. We will build a case to represent you, including at an administrative hearing, to try and help you keep your license and stay out of jail.

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