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Johnson County Administrative Hearing Appeals Attorney

Olathe Driver's License Hearing Lawyers

Almost every DUI or DWI arrest in Johnson County or throughout the state of Kansas will include a proposed driver's license suspension. The suspension will be automatically enforced unless the driver, or his or her attorney, requests an administrative hearing. This hearing must be requested within 14 calendar days of the date that the police officer serves the driver with a DC-27, the pink sheet that is given when the officer initially takes the driver's license.

At the law firm of Jeremiah L. Johnson, LLC, we have handled hundreds of DUI and DWI defense cases in Johnson County and elsewhere in Kansas. In each case, we go through every option to ensure that client rights are protected and that our client will get the best defense possible from our firm. If you have been arrested for a DUI, contact us today toll free at 866-656-1268 for a no-cost consultation in our office.

Johnson County Administrative Hearing Appeals Lawyer

Kansas does not allow hardship or work licenses for people who have had them suspended following DUI arrests. It is often taken for granted how much the loss of a driver's license can impact your life. Driving children to school, driving to work and driving around town doing errands are all impacted. The loss of a license often means the loss of freedom to live life as easily and as effectively.

If you do not request a hearing within 14 days, your license will be automatically suspended. Your license will remain valid between the time that the hearing is requested and the time of the actual hearing. At an administrative hearing, you and your attorney may present evidence. It is not mandatory that you attend the hearing if you have a lawyer, although it may be in your best interest.

A Driver's License Suspension Will Be Proposed in Johnson County DUI Case

A license suspension will be imposed in nearly every Johnson County DUI case, unless you or your DUI attorney wins your administrative hearing, even if the driver completes diversion successfully. Every Johnson County DUI case will carry a proposed driver's license suspension, ranging from 30 days to one year for first-time offenders; a two-year driver's license suspension for second-time offenders; a three-year driver's license suspension for third-time offenders; and a 10-year driver's license suspension for fourth-time offenders, all the way to a lifetime driving ban for some felony DUI convictions. These suspensions will be triggered automatically, often before your first court date, because Kansas law only gives you 14 calendar days to request an administrative hearing or the proposed driver's license will be automatically be imposed!

The driver's license suspension is often the most damaging part of a DUI case. The state does not care how you will get to work, how your kids will get to school or how you'll be able to get to court; it just wants to take your license from you. The driving under the influence lawyers in our law office can help you keep your license pending a hearing, and they can represent you at the administrative hearing in an effort to defeat the driver's license suspension. Our Olathe law firm's DUI/DWI attorneys work hard to find technical or factual ways to win the administrative hearings with the Kansas Department of Revenue.

The driver's license suspensions resulting from Johnson County driving under the influence arrests are often followed by ignition interlock requirements. In such cases, the Kansas Department of Revenue will not give you back your driver's license until you show proof that you have an ignition interlock installed on your car. These interlock devices are not only inconvenient and embarrassing, they cost hundreds of dollars each year!

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